• I don't know what travel is going to look like. I think for influencers at this point, if you are thinking that you're going to travel abroad in 2020, I would probably let go of that fantasy. I don't really see a lot of international travel happening until there's a vaccine. Maybe if there's great treatments, if there's antibody tests and tracking and tracing things that happen, maybe that will get easier, but in general I would not think that international travel is going to be happening the rest of this year. That's the expectation that I would throw out there.

    Now most of the audience watching this is in America. There's a lot of America out there that people haven't explored. I think that that will open for travel before the international markets do. I think that if you're a travel influencer, if you're someone that travel has been a big part of what you do, think about the places you haven't been in America. Have you been to our national parks? Have you been to the Tetons? Have you been to Yellowstone? Have you been to Seattle or Portland? There's a lot of America out there that people don't see because they want to go to the Amalfi Coast every summer. I just don't see that happening and I think that as a travel influencer you're going to have to get pretty creative because I think the days of doing 150,000 miles a year of travel are not going to return until we have a viable vaccine for this virus.

    I think you're going to have to try and pivot and figure out what travel looks like. Again, I don't have any huge insight into what that's actually going to be but I do know it will be vastly different. You think about your hotel partners and the relationships you have there, think about the ones that have a big presence in America. These hotels are hurting and they're not going to have a lot of money, these hotels are hurting, they're not going to have a lot of money. They are going to want to show people that it's okay to travel. I think I can continue to see influencers being a big part of that story and showing Americans and people around the world that it's okay to travel again, whatever that travel eventually looks like.

    I would be conscious of what you're asking for. I know there's never been a huge amount of money in travel regardless. I would think that the idea of big budgets and things like that and travel right now are going to take a year or two or three to rebound. Expedia's CEO recently came out and said they usually spend $5 billion a year in advertising. They're going to spend 1 billion this year that's 80% reduction in their ad budgets. Take that as an indicator of where the rest of the industry is going to be. It's definitely going to be scaled back a little bit.
    Episode #196
    - The Art of the Negroni