• If you've been watching the show for a while, you know that at Fohr, we don't really look at engagement rates. Reach impressions are our north star. That is a big part of the way that we validate that you have a real authentic, vibrant following. It is also a way that we report on the success of a campaign.

    If you looked at one of the reports that we give our clients, the first numbers you see are not engagement rates. They are reach numbers, impressions numbers, how many saves, how many clicks. Those numbers to us are more important than engagement. It may feel like that is still what people talk about.

    I do think that less sophisticated marketers who are working in influencer marketing are still hyper-focused on engagement, but some of our top-performing influencers on the platform, top-performing as far as driving action and sales for our clients, have terrible engagement rates but they have great reach They have a really beautiful connection with their audience. They actually feel like there's a community there. Those are the things that we focus on.

    For us, engagement rates aren't super important. With likes disappearing, potentially in the next few months, I think that they'll be less important platform-wide in the not so distant future. If you're focused on reach, you're doing the right thing. Keep your head down. The world will change and you will be right very soon.
    Episode #171
    - FWRD x Givenchy Giveaway, Instagram Reach, Better Engagement Rates