• Is Instagram ruining the world, specifically the natural world? There was this article about how Instagram is ruining all these national parks because people are going to them specifically to get photos. There was the article when the super bloom was happening in California about people laying and the poppy fields and ruining those. If you've been to Venice any time in the last two years, you realize what a fucking nightmare it is in the summer.

    Instagram has certainly increased travel and I think that when people travel, they increasingly want- they think about the photos that they're going to take. If they're going to Yosemite, they definitely look through the location tags and they look at the photos they want, and they find the ones that really do quite well and they want to replicate them.

    I actually saw my friend who works at Instagram, Christie. I'm not going to give her last name because you guys will fucking hound her and she doesn't need that. I saw Christie recently was at Yosemite and she was commenting on this and saying that she was shooting that rock, that ledge that people take photos on. She was saying that she clicked on the location tag and it just made her really sad to see the risks people were taking with their lives to get content.

    Recently a couple died in that exact spot, a newlywed couple died trying to get an Instagram photo. It's easy for people to poke fun at that maybe because it is ridiculous. As an influencer, you have to understand that people will probably try and replicate the things you're doing. Just look at the bend it like Tezza hashtag. Now, the worst that can happen there is if I tried, I'd throw my back out or I pull a hammy or something, but people will try and replicate things that they see doing well on Instagram.

    If you are doing dangerous things, especially if you're someone like- one of those parkour freaks or something and you're jumping around on shit and hanging off the sides of buildings, I don't know that many people hanging off buildings are watching this show, but I do think that you have to understand that those things are going to try and be replicated by your audience and that those are dangerous and you might be responsible for somebody getting hurt.

    Another side of this other than crowding European cities or national parks is just promoting this jet-set life where you're constantly traveling. That feels to a lot of people that is what success looks like, a life where they're constantly on vacation and constantly traveling. I just saw an influencer, cubicle. I think she is on the Instagram Park & Cube she used to be. She just recently said that she is going to try and cut down to three flights a month.

    She's like, "That may seem like a lot, but I was doing 10 or 15 flights a month a lot of times," and she is saying to try and be more sustainable, she is going to try and limit herself to three flights a month and only going to go on trips that really are impactful, and that she really feels are going to bring her joy. I think that this concept of endless summer and constantly traveling feels really glamorous, but it does have repercussions not only on those places and fucking up the ecosystems of our national parks, but also on the environment in promoting jumping on a plane and pouring tons and tons of pollution into the air every time you do that. I think it is worth thinking about, and thinking about your responsibility, and thinking about the things in the lifestyles you're promoting.
    Episode #168
    - “Perfect Photos”, Hiding Likes, Sponsored vs. Organic Endorsements