• Lastly, we have a question about Fashion Week. Specifically, what can I do as an influencer if I am not in New York to cover Fashion Week or stay up-to-date with it? First, I think Fashion Week now more than ever before, is very skippable. We are doing some research right now. Next week, we're going to talk about this and talk about the macro trends a little bit more. My assumption is that audiences also were just not really interested in Fashion Week content.

    We are doing a little study right now that we'll be able to talk about more next week and see if that is true or not, but I think one of the reasons, if I think about myself, if we're going to talk about the macro stuff next week, I'm going to just talk about the way I feel about it. When I first saw Fashion Week, I was living in New York and I would hear that Fashion Week was happening. I didn't really know what it was. Certainly, I had no ability to find that out. I wasn't reading fashion magazines or anything, but I would notice that as I was working in Soho at the time, that there was a lot of really tall women walking around Soho. It must mean it's Fashion Week.

    As social became more of a thing and Tumblr started sending Tumblr influencers- I don't know what they're called, Tumblr Bloggers, to Fashion Week, I saw Fashion Week through the people I followed for the first time, and it was super exciting because it was this world that was really mysterious and it was really difficult to get access to. It used to just be for editors and buyers. It felt so chic and unobtainable. So to see the innerworkings of that, the parties and the shows and all the beautiful clothes and the beautiful people and the backstage and how hectic that was. It was really exciting the first time, the second time, the fifth time.

    I'm now on my hundredth fashion week that I've been forced to watch on social media. For me, each season is increasingly boring. It seems that we're talking about economics this week on the show. Let's use another economics term which is just diminishing returns. The way my economics teacher first told me about diminishing returns, is that if you open up a bag of cookies and you eat that first cookie, each subsequent is going to be less appealing or something. It will give you less joy each time. So there are diminishing returns each time you engage with something.

    For me, I'm so bored with fashion week content. I've seen it all before that I just don't give a shit. I think that most audiences are the same way. I think most audiences don't really care and it's become so unrelatable and uninteresting. It takes over Instagram for a month and you just have to see a month of people going to shows and pretending to be fashion critics. Which is totally fine, if that's your passion and you're super into it. I just don't think for most people, their audience really cares about it, and certainly doesn't care about it for a month. So I think as an influencer, again, we've been talking about this idea of educating, inspiring or entertaining.

    One of the things that's great about social is being able to see things that you haven't seen before. Again, fashion week, you've just seen it so many times. This is the reason--Remember when I was on a tear last year about Positano and how bored I was with seeing photos from the Amalfi Coast? It's because I've seen it so many fucking times, that it's like, "How many more photos from the same restaurant? From the same boat with someone sitting up there with the fucking peace sign up in front of the Amalfi Coast? How many times do I have to see that photo before the good lord will finally let it stop and spare me?"

    I think there's a huge amount of power in not doing it and not going and not covering fashion week and juxtaposing your feed to what everybody else is talking about. If you haven't seen the episode with Julia and Thomas from Gal meets Glam, we talk about this. She talks about how she felt a lot of pressure earlier in her career to go to fashion week and cover it, but never really enjoyed it. Now she skips it because she feels like for her audience, they don't care. Fashion week just isn't interesting to them, they're not wearing those clothes. Why would she spend a month covering high fashion couture just because she's invited?

    Just because you're invited does not mean you have to go. If you really enjoy it, and that's the content you want to make, go fucking crazy and do it. If you're feeling pressure, if you're feeling like, "I don't feel like a legitimate influencer because I am not at fashion week." I think that is now more than ever, just not the way to look at things and just totally not true. I would encourage all of you who are interested in skipping fashion week to do so. Take a trip, go somewhere else, show your followers something else.

    If you have the ability to do that, if you have a big following and you can travel and do whatever the hell you want, I would maybe use that to my advantage and specifically go on a trip during fashion week and talk about the fact that you're skipping it and you're not gong to be showing people a bunch of terrible Insta story videos of another finale walking down the runway because it is boring. To my friends out there who are going to go to fashion week, who are passionate about covering that. I encourage you to step back before it starts and actually think about, "How am I going to cover this in a way that is interesting?"

    Maybe reach out to your audience, ask them what they want to see because I think that you're asking a lot of your audience if you're going to do New York, London, Milan and Paris, and you're going to do three to five shows a day. You're asking a lot of your audience to go on that ride with you. I think it's worth checking in and thinking about how you want to cover that in a way that inspires, educates or entertains.
    Episode #163
    - Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Holiday Planning, Remotely Covering NYFW