• I feel like maybe we've answered this question before, but that was before AOC started live streaming everything that she does. It works for AOC. She does it and it's compelling. I think it's hard to be interesting live. I think that 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes of live content is pretty hard to keep someone's attention. I personally haven't watched that many live streams in my life on Instagram, I'd be interested to know if you guys find yourself watching a lot.

    I think that beauty influencers do a great job. We've done some campaigns where we have Instagram live part of the campaign where they're doing their full makeup look or something, I think that makes sense. I've seen influencers do like a QA type thing. Like ask me, I'm going to be live for 15 minutes on Tuesday to answer your questions, but I think that the question feature on Instagram has solved that a little bit, where you don't need to do that.

    Going live is like assuming that people just have-- let's just like think about Instagram, it is a distraction app, it is an app that you use in between other things, your friends going to the bathroom at a restaurant, what do you do? You take your phone out you open Instagram, you don't type in someone's blog and start reading a blog post. It’s because you can get value out of Instagram looking at it for 10 seconds or an hour straight, and that's what makes the platform so sticky. Is that like, you can just be like, “Oh, I'm just going to like sneak a little thing in here.”

    I just loaded it up, saw if I have any new comments or anything and saw someone's post. It's like in that amount of time, but you can also, as we all have done, waste hours of your life sitting on it. It is this like distraction app. I think thinking that the people who are on the platform, which again they're probably looking for a little hit dopamine something to do for a few minutes, the thought that they're going to sit there and watch your entire live stream, to me, seems unlikely.

    I do think as an influencer, if you can make a more of an event of it or you make it like a normal thing, I go live every second Tuesday and you build up to it so people have some time to plan that like I'm going to be home and focusing on this. I also think that if you’re just like one of those influencers that has like crazy fans, they'll do anything. They'll stop what they're doing, they'll leave their meeting, they’ll tell their friend to shut the hell up and watch your live feed, your live stream, it's rare to have that level of fandom, I think.

    I think it's tough I don't think live-streaming is going anywhere, it seems to be integrated into every new social platform. I'm not sure that it's going to be like the next big thing necessarily, because generally, it's pretty boring for most people.
    Episode #143
    - The Importance of Originality, Live-Streaming's Future, Meeting ROI