• I do swear a lot. I swear a decent amount when I'm speaking and on this show. I almost never swear in writing. I think that cursing in writing is lazy and I don't think it does anything and it feels a lot more aggressive and crass than when you're speaking, personally. I almost never curse in writing. I tried to read, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, and it was just such an unbelievable piece of dogshit that book.

    The whole time I was like, "This guy is a terrible writer and he's trying to hide that by cursing a lot." That's how he's being cool. Is by saying, fuck, a lot. In writing it's just totally lazy. Some famous writer wrote something about cursing and writing and being lazy. Where to draw the line with brands? Let's say I was an influencer and I'm like, "This is me. I am who I am and I curse." Or if one of my salespeople came and said, "Hey, some of our clients are really conservative and it'd be great if you wouldn't curse in A Drink With James anymore."

    You have to know that those things have consequences. There are brands that won't work with you if you're feed is to risque, if you have too much nudity, and too much sexuality in the feed there are brands that won't work with you. I've been in those meetings where brands have said they didn't want to work with people male and female because they were too overtly sexual.

    Now, that same door that closes there opens other ones where brands are looking for people who put their sexuality out there front, who are really aggressive about it. They want people like that. It all evens out in the end, but I do think that cursing in writing, unless there's a very specific reason, because I do think it's jarring. If you're going to use it needs to be very intentional. The last time I cursed in writing on Instagram, was when I was talking about the new office and I was like, "It has been so fucking hard to build his business," or something like that. I made the choice to say that because I wanted it to jump out and be something that people noticed but in general using it as lazy and terrible. Obviously, never use it in a sponsored post unless the brand is like that's who they are.

    "Too long didn't read," in stories and stuff it's okay. It might throw some people off but written I would avoid it.
    Episode #141
    - Overdelivering Assets, Responding to DMs, Swearing on Instagram