• Over-delivery is always appreciated. If you've used our new content approval tool at four on campaigns, if the brand is supposed to pick one image we ask influencers to give at least three options.

    If you're sending something through for approval you have to send more than one option. You can't just send the one photo and be like, "This is the photo." It's great for micro influencers to say like, "Hey, here's some extra high-res photos you guys can use on social," or something if you're trying to build your account and not just get paid. If you're a bigger influencer, this question was asked by someone who has about 300K I would probably be trying to charge for that, for additional assets. Because that is work you're doing for a brand.

    If they have the ability to use the assets and you have over 100,000 followers then they should be paying to use those assets. If you are just saying, "I know there's one photo but I sent 10 for approval." That's great. The more choice the brand's going to have, the better. You can never know exactly what somebody wants and giving them options is great. It also makes it feel like you really worked hard and you went above and beyond. You didn't just send one photo.

    Let me just side note here, nothing pisses me off more, and I know my execution team as well, than when we're paying an influencer and they send something through for approval and it is an iPhone photo in the mirror. It's just like, "Are you fucking high? Are you kidding? You're fucking kidding me." I'm paying you thousands of dollars and you took out an iPhone and was like, "That felt like a good hard day's work." That is insane. It is a slap in the face to brands if you do that. Slap in the face. What it says to us fair or unfair is, "I don't give a shit about this and I don't care enough to actually try."

    If you're aesthetic is iPhone photos in the mirror, cool. I would definitely explain that when you send it through to brands. I would say, "Hey. These posts tend to do quite a bit better than my editorial ones. I did shoot some editorial shots but I also included an iPhone one. I just wanted to let you know that those do a lot better in general." Overall, is over-delivery good? Always. Once you get to a certain size should you be charging for people using the assets? Yes, that's your likeness. You don't know if it could mess with another brand collaboration or something you have coming up in the coming months. It's just something to watch out for.
    Episode #141
    - Overdelivering Assets, Responding to DMs, Swearing on Instagram