• For me the implication is ask me a question about me because I'm so interesting and I know you're my audience you're burning questions that you want to ask me. Again I think you can push it to a place that's more interesting, ask me a question about blank. Look Instagram is good at what they do. They understand that people have an innate burning desire to talk about themselves, that is literally all people want to do is talk about themselves.

    Side note, if you have ever read, How to Win Friends and Influence People, that whole book is essentially if you want people to like you just allow them to talk about themselves constantly. Ask them questions, don't walk into a conversation and be like, "I don't care if I say anything about myself I'm just going to ask them questions and let them talk." You will be universally loved because humans just like to talk about themselves that is their thing they are most interested in in the world.

    It's very smart of Instagram because influencers are going out there being like, "Ask me a question." Which is their way of saying, "Ask me something about myself that I can pick and choose the questions I answer and answer things about me that I think are great." I haven't seen anything interesting honestly, I think some of the more technical questions for photographers could be interesting. A lot of it is mindless drivel, where do you get inspiration? Travel. Fuck.

    Let's talk about travel real quick, every influencer in the world running off and living in Italy for two months is annoying for a lot of reasons. One you guys know I've harped on this a bit. If you are running off to spend three weeks and pose a ton of the summer just like get a fucking life, get creative, do something different. There are a lot of amazing places in the world and I've been on this rant many times and I will continue to go on this rant.

    [unintelligible 00:05:32] Positano are beautiful, Paris is beautiful, there are a lot of other places in the world. Check them out, show them to your followers if you are fortunate enough to be able to use your following or the money that you make from that following to travel and show people new places and fucking show them a new place. I don't want to see Positano ever again I have no interest.

    I just don't get it, I don't get it every influencer does their European summer and they all fly to Paris to spend a few days in Paris for a tour and then they go to Italy and maybe they pop by Florence and then they go down to Posetano for two weeks and [unintelligible 00:06:13]. It's very boring. I understand these are first world problems to the 10th degree but Your job is to inspire people and I cannot understand why influencers don't go to more interesting places. Sometimes in my darker moments it's because I think that they're not very interesting.

    What was I saying? Questions, they are a lot of self-centered drivel. I think that you can use these questions to help your audience understand you or the things that you're good at or interested in more and more effectively. Look if you just say ask me a question. Pick something interesting, don't just pick the ones that you think make you sound awesome. If you have something to teach, then teach us. I think Chris Burke did something, I talk about him all the times because I think he's technically very skilled at what he does and he does this one thing and he's lean into it quite a bit and he does a great job at it. He was answering tactical questions about his kit, about how he does things, about how he edits and that was interesting because you want to learn the process.

    Think about what you could actually teach people and maybe ask when you go to solicit questions do it in a way where you get interesting question. I would also for me if I was an influencer. I would probably as I just ease off it for a week honestly. If I see that I'm just like fuck this I can't stand to see another person answering questions, it's constant and it's relentless. For me as a user in consumer of content I see it and I'm just like you're so self-involved. I don't want to drone on about this. Usually my advice for influencers is when something new comes out to go out and try it, I think too many people right now are playing around with it.

    Just ease off for a week and you can get your questions and do your answers later or contain it and be like I'm going to do this this one time. I'm going to keep it in a high light so I have some frequently asked questions that if you're getting DMs about the same things over and over again. Maybe you get those questions, you answer them, you do a really thorough interesting good job of that. Keep it as a highlighted story on your feed so that people who follow you can come and look at that as FAQ generally. That's one thing.

    I think from a design standpoint I saw Tezah doing it, I actually think she's probably the only person I know always go back to her she does a great job. She's the only one recently that I've seen that I enjoyed reading hers. She had an interesting past I didn't know about, I didn't know she was a photographer before. I didn't really know much about her husband. I didn't know that she and her husband met they grew up together, that their families have been best friends forever so she knew-- Met him when she was like two.

    She also put different photos on every answer that were beautiful and made it like that kind of added to what she was saying. I don't know if she still has that up as a highlight or anything but unsurprisingly I thought she did a good job but I'm bored by almost every other one I've seen.
    Episode #107
    - Instagram Questions, Getting Out of Ruts, Aggregated Content