• The last question is, as we go into 2018, as an influencer, what should I be doing? What should I be thinking about to try and better myself for this year? I think going into a new year, it does offer you the opportunity to look out over the next year and think about what you want to accomplish. It's easy to say, I want to grow from 50,000 to 75,000. I want to work with these brands, I want to do these things. I want all of these things, and all of those things are great and we should be setting goals. We should be setting numerical goals that we can judge ourselves against at the end of the year.

    We should be pushing ourselves to achieve more, but you also have to think about the things that go into achieving those goals. A lot of the time, that is learning a new skill. Tim and I were building a presentation today for an upcoming Fohr U that we have. If you're in New York, keep an eye out for the Fohr U invite. If you don't get one, message tim@fohrcard and we'll make sure you get an invite to the upcoming Fohr U.

    We were looking at some influencers who are creating this incredible content. We were talking about how not enough people challenge themselves to learn new things that are difficult. It's one thing to say. "Oh, I want to try and do more video." That's a difficult skill to learn certainly, but that's just -- pointing a phone at yourself and talking, potentially is doing video. We were looking specifically at this account of this guy Quinn out of London. Tim will throw it up with a link here but he does some really cool, clever Photoshop stuff. He really pushes himself in his sponsored post specifically to do something special and do something different.

    I think all of us could be pushing ourselves to learn a skill that takes more than a couple of weeks to master. Thinking about, I want to be a better photographer. Look at what Jamie Beck has done. Obviously, she's on a completely different level than 99.9% of the world, but she has dedicated herself to taking still lifes, essentially for the last 10 months. She's gotten really, really good at it, but she's done it every single day and she's worked really hard at it.

    Yes, her first still life that she took 10 months ago, is better than anything I could do probably if I worked on it for months and months. It was her first try, but she's gotten so much better than that, and she really has pushed herself and she dives into Renaissance painting. She's pulling inspiration from that. She is working on her Photoshop skills and getting better at that. She didn't know Photoshop 10 years ago. Five years ago, she really didn't know Photoshop that well. It's something she's taught herself because she was limited. She saw the art she wanted to create, but she was limited by her skills in Photoshop to be able to create it.

    I encourage all of you to get inspired by somebody who's better than you and figure out the skills that you need to be able to get to their level. Try and learn those skills, and one easy way is copying people. Looking at something and saying, "Okay I'm going to try and recreate that this week." or this weekend, and you don't have to publish it.

    I'm not saying you should go out and copy people. If you do publish it, I would say, hat tip to this person who I am trying to learn from and so I'm trying to recreate this photo. Don't just copy it and don't give them credit, but push yourself to try and learn a skill that's outside the comfort zone.

    That when you look at something -- I'll say, if you could look at a video or a photo and say, "I have no idea how they did that." Then you could try and learn how to do that, that's a probably good place to start. I look at Jamie's photos and I say, "I have no idea how she did that, but if I was a photographer and I wanted to shoot like that I would work every day to try and recreate it." I could look at Claire Marshall, heyClaire has really great editing in her YouTube videos. I look at it and say, "I don't know how she did that." I would figure that out.
    Episode #82
    - Getting into Fashion Week, Brands Aesthetic, Skills in 2018